Best Water Bottles With Straws (Hydrate With These 8 Options)

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If you want to enjoy your water throughout the day but prefer to drink out of a straw, there are some amazing options for you. Rather than drinking out of a normal water bottle, you should invest in a water bottle with a straw. In this article, we discuss the benefits of water bottles with straws, as well as review the eight best water bottles with straws.

7 Benefits Of Water Bottles With Straws

There are many reasons why someone would buy a water bottle with a straw, which means there are many reasons that you too should buy one.

Below we discuss some of the biggest benefits of having in a water bottle with a straw. Otherwise, skip directly below to the water bottles by clicking here.

1. Good For The Environment

Using normal plastic water bottles every day becomes extremely wasteful and very bad for the environment, especially if they are not recycled.

To help with this, switching to a water bottle that you reuse every day helps to significantly cut down on the amount of plastic that you use.

2. Motivates You To Drink More And Stay Hydrated

More often than not, having a straw helps to promote healthy drinking habits for many people. When there is a straw in front of you, you often find yourself sipping from it throughout the day because of its convenience. 

3. Saves You Money

You no longer have to continue purchasing water bottles every week to bring to work or school. Instead, you can very easily fill up your reusable water bottle in the morning and leave.

4. Control Over Water Source

Some water sources are not as healthy or as clean as they claim to be. Because of this, by having your own water bottle that you fill up, you get to control exactly where your water comes from so that you know what you are consuming every day.

5. Less Potential For Chemicals

Along with the last one, you get less chemicals from the water source as well as from the plastic bottle. With your own bottle, you are consuming water from a BPA-Free water bottle.

6. You Can Drink Whatever You Want

While they are called water bottles, you can essentially choose whatever drink you want to bring with you on the daily whether that be tea, juice, water, or even soda. 

7. Less Damage to Your Teeth

If you drink a lot of sugary drinks out of a normal lid, this can cause damage to your teeth. Because of this, the use of a straw helps to bypass your teeth, so they don’t experience as much damage.

This is especially important with sugary (soda, pop, etc.) and acidic (water with lemon) drinks.

Best Water Bottles With Straws

Below are the best water bottles with straws that are on the market.

1. Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle with Straw Lid (32 oz)

The Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle is one of the most popular and best-selling stainless-steel bottles with a straw and lid. The water bottle is easy to carry, helps promote healthy hydration habits and keeps your water cold all day due to the stainless-steel design.

The straw water bottle comes in a variety of color options so you will be sure to find the one you love based on your preferences.

It is a highly rated and cheaper alternative to other popular water bottles with a straw. Check out the reviews on Amazon to see what others love about the Simple Modern Water Bottle with Straw Lid.

2. Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Water Bottle (24 oz & 32 oz)

For price and functionality, nothing beats this Contigo Autospout Straw Water Bottle. What makes this bottle so functional is that it comes with a wide mouth making it great for filling with ice. Once the ice is in the water bottle and the lid is screwed on, all you have to do is click a single button to make the straw pop-up and protrude out of the lid.

One of the biggest advantages of the straw mechanism is the lock. This helps prevent the straw opening mistakenly if something were to be pressed up against the button by accident. As a result, you can store the Contigo AutoSpout Straw Water Bottle inside your bag without the worry of water leaking and damaging electronics or soaking papers.

Similar to other water bottles reviewed in this article, this straw water bottle is also available in a variety of colors, as well as 24 oz and 32 oz (710 ml and 946 ml) sizes. Read through the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the Contigo AutoSpout Straw Water Bottle.

3. Hydro Flask Sports Water Bottle With Straw Lid 

Nearly everyone has heard of the world-renowned Hydro Flasks. They are widely popular and used all around the globe and for good reason.

While they are higher on the price scale, they are amazing bottles to carry with you throughout your daily routines or outdoor adventures because they keep your drinks cool and insulated all day.

When it comes to Hydro Flask, there are many different types of water bottles with a variety of sizes, lid styles, and colors. The wide-mouth straw lid option is amongst the most popular as it enables you to reduce spills and helps you hydrate quickly with fast bursts of ice-cold liquid.

Read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Straw Lid Water Bottle. 

 4. Bottled Joy Sports Straw Water Bottle

This straw water bottle is for those on a serious budget because it does everything that a normal straw water bottle but for a reduced price. It is an especially great option if you are constantly misplacing your water bottle, or if you have kids who forget their water bottle at sports practice or on the bus, as it is a considerably cheap option.

The Bottled Joy Sports Straw Water Bottle is available in one 27 oz (800 ml) size, but there are a variety of colors you can choose from. The lid also has a handle feature that makes it easy to carry or clip to bags while traveling, as well as a spout that emerges from the bottle for quick sipping.

See what others love about the Bottled Joy Sports Straw Water Bottle by reading the Amazon reviews.

5. CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle With Straw

The CamelBak brand is most often recognized for their hydration backpacks and hydration vests, but they also make amazing water bottles that you can use throughout your daily life.

This particular water bottle is great because it is BPA-free and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Many individuals love the straw water bottle from CamelBak because of how fast the water flows through the bite-valve.’

Furthermore, it is easy to carry with you wherever your day takes you because it has a handle that you can attach to your backpack or comfortably carry it in your hand without any hassle.

The Amazon reviews for the CamelBak Eddy Straw Water Bottle give a good indication of what other happy customers have to say about this product.

6. EcoVessel Surf Glass Straw Water Bottle 

If you do not want to use a plastic or stainless-steel water bottle, the EcoVessel Water Bottle might interest you as it is made of 60% recycled glass. If you want to help do you part for the environment by being eco-friendly, this straw water bottle is the way to do it.

While a glass bottle may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, this bottle is encompassed by a silicone covering. The covering pr protects it from shattering and is even able to withstand damage if you drop it from as high as 8 feet in the air.

Another big perk about this straw water bottle is that with it being glass, it is dishwasher safe and easy to reuse many times over. Have a read of the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the sleek design and environmentally friendly EcoVessel Surf Water Bottle.

7. Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Infuser Bottle

Contigo makes the list twice in this article, but only for good reasons. While the previously mention Contigo bottle only comes equipped with a straw, this bottle also doubles as an infuser water bottle.

What this means is that you can put fruit or herbs in the bottom section of the water bottle to spice up your water with flavor. This is a great option if you easily become bored from drinking plain water as you can now enjoy water that has a fresh fruit essence and taste.

Furthermore, on top of it being an infuser water bottle, you can also use it as just a normal bottle, so it works either way. It is also a great bottle for those who are always on the run because it has preventative measures against spills and leaks. They include a tightly-sealing lid and a button lock to prevent accidental releases of water.

Check-out the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the Contigo Infuser Straw Water Bottle.

8. Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Bottle (22 oz)

Just as was the case with the EcoVessel, this Lifefactory BPA-Free water bottle is also made of glass that is enclosed in a protective silicone casing to protect it from breaking.

On top of being environmentally friendly, they are also extremely stylish due to their designs and color options. Because of this, many people are attracted to eye-catching design so that they can drink their water bottle while looking good.

Another benefit of these water bottles is the wide-mouth opening at the top. As a result of the wide opening, you can easily fit fruit or ice without struggling to squeeze it through a small opening.

See what others love about the Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle With Straw by reading the Amazon reviews.


Overall, having a water bottle has many benefits, most importantly, helping you stay hydrated. A water bottle with a straw helps you stay hydrated by enabling you to have quick bursts of water more frequently throughout the day.

In addition to your hydration, other benefits of using a water bottle with a straw relate to the environment and helping to reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles that are available.

When you are choosing your water bottle, however, you want to make sure that you choose the perfect one for your lifestyle and the activities you will be using it for. In this article, we provided eight examples of the most popular, and highly rated water bottles with straws.

For any comments, questions or feedback you might have, please send us a message through our contact form.

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