Hydration Belts For Marathons (Why You Need One, Top 5 Picks)

Running a marathon, 26.2 miles or 42.2 km, is quite the achievement. However, training for race day takes a lot of time, commitment and preparation. During your preparation, it is important you have the right gear to maximize your training. One important accessory for running long distances is a hydration belt. The purpose of this article is to help you, the reader, make an informed decision before purchasing one of many hydration belts for marathons.

Gone are the days where you’re required to hold a water bottle while running. At quenchingyourthirst.com, we have researched a wide range of hydration belts for marathons, and hand-picked our top 5 favorites so you can focus more on training and staying hydrated.

Our Top Pick

G-Run Hydration Running Belt for marathons.

G-RUN Hydration Running Belt

Adjustable Waist Strap, Water Resistant Front Pocket, Includes Two 10 oz (296 ml) Bottles. Find it on Amazon here.

What Are We Looking For In A Hydration Belt?

While researching and reviewing hydration belts for marathons, we rated them on the following categories:

Water Bottle Holder

  • It is important to have room to hold other accessories, but the main purpose of the belt is to carry at least one water bottle. After all, we are reviewing hydration belts, and the purpose they serve is to keep you hydrated during long runs.
  • Hydration belts are sized for various different water bottle quantities and capacities. Be sure to select the right belt depending on how much water you drink while running.

Adjustable Waist Strap

  • Unlike a t-shirt, hydration belts should be designed so that one size fits most (OSFM). An adjustable waist strap makes that possible. Despite covering a wide range of sizes, the hydration belt should still sit secure on your body.

Additional Storage

  • Typically when you’re going on long runs, you’re not just bringing water to stay hydrated. Although hydration is the main purpose of these belts, many are designed with additional storage for other accessories. The hydration belt should have additional pockets big enough to bring items such as your smartphone, keys, credit card, energy gel packs, and protein bars.

Light Weight

  • The hydration belt should be lightweight, and designed from breathable material. You’ll be wearing it while running long distances, the last thing you want is a heavy belt slowing you down.

Balanced and Secure

  • Hydration belts should be designed to sit balanced and tightly secured around your waist, as almost an extension to your body. The last thing you want while running is a hydration pack that bounces.

Considering all that was discussed above, our top 5 picks reviewed in this article include (1) G-RUN Hydration Running Belt, (2) URPOWER Running Belt (3) Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack (4) PYFK Running Belt, and (5) AiRunTech Running Belt.

Some general details of each of the top 5 best hydration belts for marathons can be seen in the comparison table below.

Recommended Products

Check-out the list of the products we recommend to help keep you hydrated throughout your day.

Comparison Table

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Waist27" - 40"23" - 53"26" - 44"24" - 44"18" - 51"
Pocket5" x 8"3.6" x 6"UnknownUnknownUnknown
Bottle Qty.221N/A2
Bottle Size10 oz (296 ml)6 oz (177 ml)18 oz (535 ml)N/A6 oz (175 ml)
Weight7 oz4.8 oz6.4 oz5.6 oz8 oz

Keep scrolling down to see detailed reviews and pictures of each hydration belt.

1. G-RUN Hydration Running Belt

The G-RUN Hydration Running Belt is available in three colors (black, purple, and green) and designed with an adjustable strap to fit waist sizes 27″ (68.6 cm) to 40″ (101.6 cm).

The front zipped pocket is 5″ (12.7 cm) by 8″ (20.3 cm), large enough to fit a 6.5″ sized cell phone (such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max).

G-Run Hydration Running Belt, purple color, for long distance running.
G-RUN Hydration Running Belt – Purple

Along with a cell phone, the front pocket is large enough to fit other accessories such as energy gel packs, protein bars, and keys. The belt includes two, 10 oz (296 ml) leak-proof squeeze water bottles that are secured on either side of the front zipped pocket.

G-Run Hydration Running Belt, green color, for marathons.
GRUN Hydration Running Belt – Green

Some additional notable features of the G-RUN Hydration Running Belt include:

  • Water Resistant outer pocket layer is designed from SBR (Styrene-Butadiene rubber)
  • Micro Silicone Beads – line the inside of the belt, ensuring a tight grip to the body during use
  • Elastic Bottle Straps – keep the water bottles snug tight, but still easily removable during use

If we haven’t convinced you already, read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the G-RUN Hydration Running Belt.

2. URPOWER Running Belt

The lightweight (4.8 oz) URPOWER Running Belt is available in a black base, blue striped color. It has an extra-long adjustable belt that fits waist sizes 23″ (58.4 cm) to 53″ (134.6 cm).

The quick-release buckle clip makes for a secure and snug fit while running.

URPOWER running belt, blue color. One main pocket, two water bottle holders. Hydration belt for marathons.
URPOWER Running Belt – Blue

URPOWER includes two, 6 oz (177 ml) water bottles with each belt purchase. These bottles are attached via elastic strapped pouches on either side of the main zipped pocket.

Measuring 3.6″ (9.1 cm) by 6″ (15.2 cm), the main pocket is capable of holding an iPhone 6, Samsung S5 and other similar sized smartphones.

Some additional notable features of the URPOWER Running Belt include:

  • Reflectors – stay visible to by-passers in dark conditions
  • Neoprene Material – lightweight, breathable, tear-resistant and waterproof
  • Multi-Use – can be used as a shoulder bag during travel

If we haven’t convinced you already, read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the URPOWER Running Belt.

3. Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack

Different from the two previously discussed hydration packs, the Nathan Peak Hydration Pack includes one zippered pocket and one larger water bottle holder.

The expandable pocket is designed to hold all your essentials while running.

Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack, black color. Used for running marathons.
Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack – Black

Designed to be one size fits most (OSFM), the belt fits waist sizes 26″ (66.0 cm) to 44″ (111.8 cm). Extended side panels help to wrap around upper-waist to increase comfort and fit, while reflective trim ensures you stay visible during dim conditions.

Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack, purple color. Used for running marathons, and other extended length exercises.
Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack – Purple

Some additional notable features of the Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack include:

  • Angled Design – allows for easy reach around-back, one-handed access to water bottle
  • Large Water Bottle – 18 oz (535 ml) water bottle included
  • Shock Cord – elastic strap allows for energy gel pack storage

If we haven’t convinced you already, read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack.

4. PYFK Running Belt

Weighing only 5.6 oz, the PYFK Running Belt is designed from breathable, mesh material. Amongst other accessories, the main zippered side pocket can fit up to a 6″ smartphone.

Inside the main pocket is a secondary storage pouch, ideal to tuck keys in.

PYFK Running Belt, water bottle holder, green color. Hydration belt for marathons.
PYFK Running Belt – Green

The water bottle holder can securely store a 3″ (7.6 cm) diameter by 7.5″ (19.1 cm) height, or 27 oz (798 ml) bottle, however, a water bottle is not included in the PYFK Running Belt purchase price. The adjustable belt is designed for waist ranges 24″ (61.0 cm) to 44″ (111.8 cm).

PYFK Running Belt, water bottle holder, red color.
PYFK Running Belt – Upgrade Red

Some additional notable features of the PYFK Running Belt include:

  • Anti-Theft – zipper buckle prevents unwanted access
  • Adjustable Belt – excess belt strap can be cut to fit your size perfectly
  • One-Handed – bottle holder designed to sit at 45 degrees for easy access

If we haven’t convinced you already, read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the PYFK Running Belt.

5. AiRunTech Running Belt

The AirRunTech Running Belt features an adjustable belt for waist sizes 18″ (45.7 cm) to 51″ (130.0 cm), the largest range we have reviewed in this article.

Two, 6 oz (175 ml) BPA-free water bottles are included in this purchase and fit either side of the 6.5″ (16.5 cm) center zippered pocket.

AiRunTech Running Belt for hydration, black color. Used for marathons.
AiRunTech Running Belt – Black

This second-generation design from AirRunTech includes several improvements from the original version.

Such as: updated strap design to reduce bounce and chafing while running, increased pocket size to fit 6.5″ (16.5 cm) smartphones, and Lycra fabric for elasticity and breathability.

Some additional notable features of the AiRunTech Running Belt include:

  • Elastic Loops – easily secure and retrieve water bottles during activities
  • Removable Toggle Straps – securely fasten bib on race day
  • Reflective Strips – suitable for use during dim lighting

If we haven’t convinced you already, read the Amazon reviews to see what others love about the AiRunTech Running Belt.


In this article, we researched and reviewed our top 5 picks for hydration belts for marathons. Our top 5 included (1) G-RUN Hydration Running Belt, (2) URPOWER Running Belt (3) Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack (4) PYFK Running Belt, and (5) AiRunTech Running Belt.

We rated hydration belts for marathons on the following categories:

  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Additional Storage
  • Light Weight
  • Balanced and Secure

For any comments, questions or feedback you might have, please send us a message through our contact form.

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