Japanese Water Therapy (Try This Healthy Weight Loss Method)

A woman taking part in the Japanese Water Therapy routine.

Do you struggle with your weight and can’t seem to find a weight-loss method that works well for you? Many people struggle with this every day; it is certainly not uncommon. However, when you look beyond the normal weight loss methods and dive deeper into alternatives, you may find something such as the Japanese Water Therapy that you might not have heard of before.

Hydrating your body and mind can make a world of difference, and that is exactly what this therapeutic method is meant to do. Rather than enforcing exercise or dieting, you focus your mind on drinking water in a procedural way.

The Japanese Water Therapy, in addition to helping you lose weight, can also help with various other health risks and problems through one simple action. In this article, we will be discussing what the Japanese Water Therapy is and how it may help you develop an overall healthier lifestyle.

What Is The Japanese Water Therapy?

When you first see the name of this therapy, it comes off complicated and extreme. However, though the Japanese Water Therapy may sound complicated, it is actually quite simple and involves only one crucial element: water.

In fact, the central focus in Japanese Water Therapy is to strategically use water in your daily life to balance out your health and wellness to be happier both mentally and physically.

The idea behind this therapy is using the common knowledge that drinking water is crucial in your daily life. By using this knowledge properly, it can help you to be healthy and strong in many different ways aside from just being hydrated.

In Japan, many people took the importance of water to a whole new level by practicing this water therapy in a sequential and structured regime.

The Japanese Water Therapy came about due to the idea of an unhealthy gut being the central problem in health and wellness. In Japan, they believed that an unhealthy gut led to many health problems and fluctuations with your weight. 

Because of this, the Japanese found that water helps your body to clean out your stomach as well as aid your digestive system. This first began by drinking water every day in the morning.

Drinking water in the morning is believed to help as your body wakeup from the previous night’s rest, and help your body continue to function properly throughout the day.

From there, it morphed into a methodical procedure for implementing water into your daily routine.

What Is The Procedure For The Japanese Water Therapy?

There are many things that you must do to enact the Japanese Water Therapy properly. To get the most out of the therapy, you follow the procedure that this method suggests:

1. The Morning Routine

First thing in the morning, you must drink between four and six cups of water.

  • cups of water should be about 160 to 200 ml (5.41 to 6.76 oz) in size
  • water should not be consumed with any food
  • ideally, the water should be lukewarm or around room temperature
  • for more flavor or nutrition, you can squeeze some lemons into your water
  • sip the water, don’t chug all the cups if your stomach cannot handle them
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2. Food Patterns

In the morning, avoid eating food for at least 45 minutes. Also, following every meal of your day, try not to eat or drink anything for a minimum of two hours.

3. Elderly

For those who are elderly or have any chronic conditions, first, begin with one glass of water then increase as your body begins to get used to it.

4. Exercise

After drinking your water, try to walk for at least an hour a day in order to boost your metabolism.

5. Eating Tips

Eating or drinking while standing can hurt the digestive process, so try to avoid that. On top of that, make sure you fully chew your food before swallowing.

6. Nightly Routine

At night, try to gargle warm water mixed with salt. This is good for your health and weight, but do not drink this water.

What Are The Benefits Of The Japanese Water Therapy?

Aside from the obvious advantages of better health, full hydration, and weight loss, there are some other added benefits of using the Japanese Water Therapy method in your daily life.

Below are some of the biggest and most prominent benefits, though there are many more as well:

1. Stress Relief

When you are more hydrated, you tend to be less stressed. Also, stress and mental health problems are often linked to an unhealthy gut.

Because drinking water on an empty stomach can help to improve your digestive system and reduce snacking, your diet will help you be healthy and happy. A happy gut means a happy mind.

2. Weight Loss

Drinking water improves your digestive system and helps to remove harmful toxins from your body quickly. This can also help you lose weight by removing waste in the form of urine and feces that can make you feel bloated.

On top of that, drinking water on an empty stomach will also decrease your feeling of hunger, so you won’t feel the need to snack as much.

3. Strong Digestive System

When you drink water, your bowel movements are increased. Through this, it becomes increasingly easier to remove the toxins through your body by having a stronger digestive system.

On top of that, because you are drinking water with an empty stomach, you are able to get rid of all of those harmful toxins that hide out in your gut.

4. Increased Energy

Diet has a lot to do with energy and energy levels. When you eat a lot of oily and unhealthy foods and don’t drink much water, your energy levels throughout the day can be decreased.

However, when you drink enough water and minimize the amount of junk food you are snacking on, you are providing your body with a healthy dose of lasting energy to keep you engaged throughout your day.

5. Faster Metabolism

It has been shown through research that drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate by over 20%.

This means that you will not only have a stronger digestive system, but also a higher metabolism to help digest your food faster.

For those looking to lose weight, this will help your body digest your food and dispose of excess waste at a faster rate.

6. Helps Your Skin

With more water and hydration, your skin will look radiant and young for years.

When you fill your body with unhealthy toxins and don’t hydrate enough, you can be more prone to aging, dull skin and even acne.

With the Japanese Water Therapy method, you will not only be hydrating your body, but you will also be hydrating your skin.

7. Less Inflammation

If you suffer from any form of inflammation in your body, drinking more water can help to reduce inflammation. This is particularly true for those that suffer from medical issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, as well as joint pain and back pain.

8. Boosts Health

On top of all of the health benefits already mentioned, drinking that much water in a day can also help with a multitude of other areas of health and wellness.

For example, drinking water can help both your skin and your hair be stronger and healthier. Both your skin and your hair need water to grow and look vibrant, the Japanese Water Therapy helps you to achieve that.

Are There Any Side Effects of The Japanese Water Therapy?

While you may be looking for something negative about this method of therapy, you won’t find it here. There are not any negative side effects to the Japanese Water Therapy.

In fact, the only potential side effect is that you may find yourself using the restroom a bit more than usual due to your increased intake of water.

When you take part in the Japanese Water Therapy, you can only expect to only reap the benefits and nothing more.


If you are struggling with your health or weight, or want to live a healthier lifestyle, you can do so by trying the Japanese Water Therapy method. This method does not change what you eat or how much you exercise but is instead focused on the element of water.

By drinking more water at exact times of the day, you can reap a multitude of health benefits that will make your body healthier in the long run. Through these health benefits, your digestive system can be improved which may result in weight loss. 

However, different from many weight-loss programs, the Japanese Water Therapy does not have any side effects. Instead, you can reap the benefits and feel your body improve by following a systematic and structured routine when drinking water.

For any comments, questions or feedback you might have, please send us a message through our contact form.

Be sure to consult your health care professional with any medical questions. Similarly, the information found in this article should not be considered medical advice.

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