Staying Hydrated While Sick (4 Tips)

I’m sure you have heard it many times over the years, “it is important to drink liquids when sick.” While it is important to drink liquids when sick, not all are the best for you. In this article, we will review some tips and provide suggestions to help you stay hydrated while sick.

Why Is It Important To Stay Hydrated While Sick?

Typically when sick, your body is releasing more liquid than usual. This could be in the form of sweat, mucus, diarrhea, or vomiting.

It is important for you to replenish these naturally lost fluids. With the adult human body made up of 50% to 60% water, staying hydrated and replenishing lost fluids helps your body:

  • fight off infections and sickness
  • clear toxins
  • get back to normal operations
  • boost its immune system
  • ease flu symptoms
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What Drinks Help The Most While Sick?

There are a wide variety of drinks that can help you feel better while you are sick. Some are specific to reducing your symptoms, while others focus on hydrating you.

Below, we mention a few of our favorite drinks, and some suggested by WebMD to help you stay hydrated while sick.

  • Water
    • Water is critical for your body, regardless of whether you are sick or not. While a glass of water may not have the same impact to ease cold symptoms as a hot cup of tea, it will help keep you hydrated.
  • Lemon Water
    • Adding lemon to water (hot or cold) will give a boost of vitamin C to your immune system. It can also help with congestion when dealing with chest colds.
  • Decaffeinated Tea
    • When sick, a warm drink is typically more comforting than a cold one. Heat can also help release stuffy noses, ease congestion, settle upset stomachs, and reduce sore throat pain.
    • Caffeinated drinks have been discussed to have a diuretic effect, this may cause you to urinate more frequently. As you are already losing more fluids than usual when sick, it is best to choose the decaffeinated tea option.
  • Soup
    • While maybe considered more of a food than a drink, soup is a liquid that many turn to when sick. As with any hot drink, a warm cup of soup can be quite comforting when sick. Additionally, if you don’t have much of an appetite, soup can help get your body calories when you don’t feel like consuming a large meal.


In this article, we discuss the importance of staying hydrated while sick, and some suggestions to help you stay hydrated the next time you are feeling under the weather.

It is important to stay hydrated when fighting a virus as your body is already releasing more liquids than usual. With typical sicknesses, this could be in the form of sweat, mucus, diarrhea, or vomiting

In addition to water, some drinks that help the most while you are sick include (1) lemon water, (2) decaffeinated tea, and (3) a cup of soup.

Do you have a go-to liquid remedy that helps get you feeling better?

For any comments, questions or feedback you might have, please send us a message through our contact form.

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