Tips For Staying Hydrated At Work (4 Important Tips)

The definition of work is different for everyone. To some, it involves long hours sitting at a desk behind a computer. For others, it means physical labor outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Some jobs require a lot of detail, precision, and focus, while others are more relaxing and interactive. Regardless of what you consider to be work, staying hydrated while you carry out your job will help increase your performance in a number of different ways. In this article, we will review some general tips for staying hydrated at work. Additionally, we will highlight why staying hydrated at work is so important.

Why It Is Important To Stay Hydrated

Considering your body is made up of 60% water, drinking it is essential to your health. Your body is constantly using the water within it for regular functions such as saliva creation, digestion, and circulation.

Water is also continuously exiting your body through regular functions. For instance, this can be from breathing, sweating, and other bodily fluids.

Loss of fluid from your body is also increased during intense exercising, hotter climates, and higher altitudes.

When you are not replenishing lost fluid, eventually you will become dehydrated.

Common symptoms of dehydration can be categorized as mild and severe. Mild dehydration can include thirst, headache, muscle cramps, dark pee, and dry mouth.

Similarly, severe dehydration can include feeling dizzy, fainting, and rapid heartbeat or breathing.

Be sure to consult a medical professional if you are unsure of your symptoms. If you believe you are experiencing severe dehydration, it needs to be treated immediately.

Tips For Staying Hydrated At Work

There are a few reasons why people struggle to stay hydrated at work. For instance:

  • Being too busy and forgetting to drink water
  • Too busy or lazy to get up and get a glass of water
  • Rely heavily on caffeinated drinks (coffee, energy drinks, etc.)
  • Get bored of the taste of water

We have generated a list of four tips to help you stay hydrated while at work.

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1. Purchase A Reusable Water Bottle

First of all, they are great for the environment. Secondly, it is a lot easier to track how much water you are drinking with a reusable water bottle.

Depending on how big your bottle is, and how much water you require, you can set daily goals. For instance, if you know your bottle holds 1L, a goal could be to have it finished before the end of your workday.

In other words, at your lunch break, it should be around half-empty.

At, we have several articles helping you pick a water bottle that meets your needs. We suggest you read Best Water Bottles For Daily Use.

Or consider reading Best Water Bottle For Hot and Cold if you enjoy a hot drink in the morning and cold water throughout the rest of the day.

2. Set Reminders For You To Drink Water

Sometimes you just get caught up in what you are doing, lose track of time, and forget the little things.

With all the smartphones and smartwatches on the market today, it should be easy to set reminders. Throughout your workday, set hourly reminders to drink some water.

If this is too frequent, set a reminder mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

3. Try Fruit Infused Water

Sometimes water is just a bit boring, we get it. Try infusing your water with fruit to spice it up.

There are unlimited possibilities and recipes you can follow depending on your preferred taste. For starters, try using your three favorite fruits in your fridge right now.

If you are unsure of what fruits you can use, we suggest you read What To Put In A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. In this article, we review popular items used in a fruit infuser, as well as discuss our top 7 favorite fruit infuser recipes.

Our favorite is lemon and lime water. The hint of citrus makes for a refreshing drink.

If fruit infused water is completely new to you, don’t worry we have you covered. We suggest reading How To Use A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. After that, you will have all the steps required to get you started.

4. Limit Caffeine Intake

While caffeinated drinks still help replenish fluids in your body, they might not always be the best for you.

If you are having multiple cups of coffee, tea, or energy drinks a day, try to limit these amounts to one or two. For instance, every caffeinated drink should be followed with one glass of water.


In this article, we reviewed some facts about hydration and the importance of replenishing lost fluids. Additionally, we discussed four tips for staying hydrated at work. They include:

  • Purchasing a reusable water bottle
  • Setting reminders for you to drink water
  • Trying fruit infused water
  • Limiting caffeine intake

For any comments, questions or feedback you might have, please send us a message through our contact form.


Facts for this article are referenced from credible sources. For further information, please read these referenced articles from the following organizations:

Be sure to consult your health care professional with any medical questions. Similarly, the information found in this article should not be considered medical advice.

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